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Become a Service Provider

Entrepreneurs accepted into the business cohort program will have access to grant funding for paid services that will help launch or accelerate their business.  We are currently seeking business providers from throughout Michigan (with preference from companies in Region 6) who can help elevate our region's entrepreneurs and help them achieve success. 


The Region 6 economic development agencies will collaborate to establish cohorts of 40 eligible companies per year for three years through a competitive application process. A regional review board will be established to approve the candidate companies. Companies in the cohort will be eligible for up to $7,000 of services from one or more contracted service providers.


Service providers will enter into contracts with EDA at the start of the program. The contracts will detail hourly rates, limits on service, and other mutually agreeable terms. Once the cohort is established, companies will select from among the contracted providers and submit a request to EDA which will be reviewed by the Grant Administrator/Program Director and approved by the organization’s CEO. Once approved, the selected service provider will develop a detailed work order which will contain the service or product to be developed, an estimate of hours needed to complete the work, and a timeline for completion. Once approved, the service provider will work directly with the company on the implementation of the work order. Service providers will invoice EDA directly, and the companies will receive the end product or service.


Companies not in a cohort but otherwise benefiting from hub services may choose to engage with the service providers at their own expense.

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Provider Services Desired: 

Accounting / Finance Firms

Specializing in establishing accounting systems, payroll services for small businesses, business financial planning, and business taxes. 

Attorneys or Law Firms

To assist with, but not limited to, business incorporation, licensing, contract review, vendor negotiations, Intellectual Property protection, Human Resource Issues, and Real Estate Law.

Patent Attorneys 

To assist with, but not limited to, patent application review and filing requirements.

Marketing (general) Firms

To assist with, but not limited to, creating marketing plans, targeted customer outreach, and customer growth, development of brands, logos and printed materials. 

Website Design Firms

That can offer simple web site development and SEO implementation, including ecommerce solutions.

Digital Marketing Firms 

That provide support for Social Media integration into overall marketing efforts.

Product Discovery and Validation Firms 

That can offer simple web site development and SEO implementation, including ecommerce solutions.

Translation Services 

That can provide blocks of translation time specializing in translating documents, consulting sessions and websites in non-English. 

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